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South Congaree Police Department

As the Chief of Police of the South Congaree Police Department, I pledge to the citizens of this town that our main focus is to create and maintain an environment within  the town that will promote cooperation with the citizens in preventing and deterring criminal activity.  To encourage officers to be proactive in their approach to policing and apprehending criminals that would prey on the community.  To create all citizens with fairness, respect and dignity without regard to race, sex, age or sexual orientation.  To guard and protect the constitutional rights of every citizen, while enforcing the criminal laws of this town and the State of South Carolina.

South Congaree Police Department:

  • Chief Josh Shumpert
  • Major Steven Jonas
  • Sergeant Andrew Corne
  • Corporal Roger Singleton
  • Victims Advocate/Officer Leah Smith
  • Officer Jonathan Carswell
  • Reserve Captain Mark Farnell

Victim Services Division:

Our police department is committed to making the South Congaree community a safe place to live and work.  It is the number one priority of this department to ensure the safety and quality of live of the citizens in this town. Crime has a traumatic affect on those that are victimized in this town. Crime has a traumatic affect on those that are victimized and it is our commitment to provide the highest quality of law enforcement and to provide services to assist those who are victims of crime.  We have made a pledge to deal with with those who commit crime in the most effective ways possible in the judicial system. The victims assistance program was established to offer victims a voice in the criminal justice system.  We will provide you with any assistance you may need and make sure that your rights are protected.

Our victim services division is committed to providing services, resources and referrals to crime victims and to ensure that victim's rights are protected under law.

The victim assistance liaison can assist with many different types of services.  Some of these include shelter for battered women and children, court accompaniment, acting as liaison between victims and police officers/investigators and assistance with professional counseling and support groups.

Victims of violent crimes may be eligible, upon, approval, for payment of medical expenses, lost wages, and other incidental expenses through the State Office of Victim Assistance, also know as SOVA www.govoepp.state.sc.us/sova/ .  Applications are available through the South Congaree Police Department Victim Services.