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Town Council:


                                                                                                       The Town of South Congaree manages its government process through the council form of government.  This allows the mayor and each of the four council members the same voting privileges.  Each member of council, including the mayor, serves a four year term.  Council meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Town Hall in the Court/Council Chambers.

Elected Officials are:

  • Mayor                              Brian Jackson (2016)
  • Councilwoman                    Lila Gantt (2016)
  • Councilman                    Jerry Smith (2016)
  • Councilman                    Jay Kates (2018) Mayor Pro Tempore
  • Councilwoman                Leslie Gifford (2018)

Town Hall:

  • Municipal Clerk                Melissa Cowan
  • Clerk of Court                  Sonja Snowdon
  • Grant Administrator        Sonja Snowdon
  • Municipal Judge              Viola Boatwright
  • Town Attorney                  Eric Fosmire

To view the Town's Ordinances please click on the link below:



Architectural Review Board

The Architectural Review Board will have purview over all proposed new developments and all alterations and/or additions (excluding normal maintenance and repair of an internal nature) to existing developments that have a visual impact from the corridor, and which are located on land that lies within the rights-of-way of all commercial and residential corridors within town limits.  The boundaries of the Commercial and Residential Zoning will be shown on the official zoning map.

Architectural Review Board Members: Lila Gantt

  • Chairman                   Tom Hindman
  • Member                      Mike Gordon
  • Member                     Jim Lynch
  • Member                     Delphin Gantt
  • Member                     Andrew Gambrell

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of five members appointed by the Town Council for terms of three years.  The commission oversees and approves zoning and development within the Town's Commercial and Residential boundaries.

Planing Commission Members: Jerry Smith

  • Chairman                 Marty Williams
  • Member                   Larry Jackson
  • Member                   Gregory Wilson
  • Member       
  • Member      

Zoning Board of Appeals

Anyone who wishes to appeal a decision made by the above Planning Commision must first file the appropriate paperwork at Town Hall and pay any fees involved.  The Zoning Board of Appeals will then meet to reconsider all sides and make a decision based upon facts presented at the meeting. the Zoning Board of Appeals ONLY deals with ZONING issues.

Zoning Board of Appeals Members: Lila Gantt

  • Chairperson             
  • Member                    Walter Boatwright
  • Member                    Lee Dykes
  • Member                    Jean Wilson
  • Member                    Eddie Enfinger

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee serves the Town Council on any financial matter of the town.  Its members are made up of two citizens chosen by Council, one Council member selected by Council and the Mayor/Mayor Pro Tem. Muncipal Clerk as a non voting member by virtue of their office.

Finance Committee Members: Jay Kates

  • Chairman                 Stokely Cox
  • Member                   Jeff Boatwright
  • Member                   John Beerman
  • Member                   Barbara Sox
  • Member                   Danny Jones 

Events Committee

The Events Committee will be involved in planning and promoting the annual Christmas parade and holiday events along with any other town sponsored exhibits, fairs, shows and activities.

Events /ParadeCommittee Members:  Jerry Smith           

  • Member                     
  • Member                    
  • Member       
  • Member                    
  • Member                    

The Lexington County Election Commission handles all Town Elections.